Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Very Eerie EVP

http://www.ghostpix .com/march5evp/ evpg17.html

Click on the link above, scroll down to EVP number 7. This has to be
one of the most terrifying voice recordings ever heard.

Is the child being murdered? You decide. It was taken from an abandoned
Mental Hospital. The water had been turned off for years.

Warning, it is very graphic!!

Haunted Hotel Room

I was surfing the web and came across your site. I am very interested
in ghosts, but a little afraid of them as well. I have one experience
of my own and one story of my sister's experience.

My husband and I live in Rapid City, SD and occasionally we like to
take a weekend vacation up to Deadwood, SD. We decided to go to
Deadwood one Saturday and just gamble for the day, not expecting to
stay there. A winter storm came in and we got stranded up there
without any reservations at any hotel. We checked around and found
the only room available was at the Bullock Hotel. Me being fascinated
with ghosts thought this was great, as I have always heard the Bullock
is haunted by Seth Bullock. who was the sheriff there in the 1800's.
When we got to our room, we opened the door and right away I got a
very uneasy feeling (I'm getting goose bumps now as I'm remembering
this). I chalked it up to excitement and we proceeded into the room.
My husband started checking out the bathroom (as that's the first
room he always checks) and we both noticed alot of dead flies all over
the room and in the bathroom. We went to the front desk and told them
about all the dead flies and they assured us that the room was just
cleaned. We went back to the room and at this time my husband started
getting a very uneasy feeling as well and we decided we didn't really
want to meet Seth after all and we went back to the desk and begged
for another room. That was about 2 years ago and we haven't been
back to Deadwood to stay since then.

My sister's story as she's told me goes like this:

My sister works at a gold company here in Rapid City and she has
recently been visited by the ghost that haunts the building. She
works in the mold section of the plant and she often hears footsteps
and sees shadows when she is working in the room by herself. She said
she was working on something one day by herself and all of a sudden
the room got cold and the hair on her neck stood up and she felt
someone tap her on the shoulder, of course she turned around and no
one was there. She also said sometimes her and her coworker will be
looking for a mold that was on the table one minute and gone the next.
They have turned the room upside down looking for the mold and can't
find it anywhere, the next day it will be sitting in the middle of her
desk. The night guards have also reported that when the plant is
closed at night they will often hear footsteps going up and down the
halls but when they look on the security camera's there isn't anyone
there. She has said the she isn't the only one who has had
experiences and that other people have felt cold spots and have heard
whispering when no one was there.

Thank you for letting me share these stories, I have told people about
my experience before and they all act as if they don't believe me. I
am glad that there is a site out there like this one for people to
share there stories without having to be afraid of not being believed
or made fun of.